LFTZ PESIM 2018 v1.2 patch update

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LFTZ PESIM 2018 v1.2 patch update

Postby KEM » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:50 pm

Thank you for your interest in LFTZ PESIM 2018.
We have worked many hours since the release to deliver 2 patches, the last (1.2) grouping all the changes.
It was to finalize the first version of LFTZ 2018 taking into account users feedback.
We are satisfied with the result but always pay attention to users feedback.
We will simply make a patch for 3d grass shortly to recompile a complete installer.

Changelog v1.2 :

* Updated ground poly (front terminal texture fixed + added tire tracks)
* Modelized complete Someca factory (docks and carry) + added flatten
* Massiv added of local vegetation
* Modelized follow of castle complex (batiments + added flatten)
* Modelized bastide
* Added antenna red light
* Added vehicules
* Updated some windows textures
* Fixed a missing object texure
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