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LFTZ PESIM 2018 available

Postby KEM » Fri Sep 21, 2018 1:02 pm

LFTZ PESIM 2018 is available !

Welcome to the wild international airport of La Môle-Saint Tropez ! An amazing panorama, a dream destination for a dangerous approach in the short runway in the mountains! Land with the Dash 8 Q400 from Darwin Airlines or make the Geneva-Saint Tropez regular Sky valet line in the Pilatus PC12 or with a Falcon. Practice flying in Robin DR400 or make a short hop between Nice and Saint Tropez in a helicopter. Take off from La Môle-Saint Tropez for a stunning flight. The scenery is made to be "as real as it gets" regarding the airport in 2018.

The airport of Saint Tropez requires a specific qualification obtained from instructors on the spot. It is open only during the day. It is classified as a dangerous airport because of its short runway in the middle of the mountains. Departures are on runway 6 and arrivals on 24 (visual approach). Runway 6 can be used exceptionally but most often only for qualifying flights due to dangerousness and the nearly village. No departures on 24. The taxiway which runs along the grass parking of the flying club is closed and used only by maintenance vehicles. In the middle of the summer season, the airfield is overloaded and planes are piling up as possible on the parking slots. The flying club parks its planes on the grassy part. There are now 5 helistations.

Be the first to bring your plane to our new scenery !

V1 Features :​

* Optimized friendly FPS

* New AFCAD 2018

* HD textures

* Full custom HD design of the runway and taxiways

* Realistic HD modelization of buildings (Tower, terminal, flying club, local, farms, castle)

* Runway track realignment and size fixed

* Fixed actual runway width

* Replaced PAPI

* Added helistations (modelized with HD texture)

* Airport aera photoreal texture with ORBX autogen inlay and compatibility

* Correct replaced vehicles

* Aera elevation corrected

* Fixed airport position

* Corrected runways pattern

* Corrected vegetation replacement

* Added base spot lights

* Added ORBX FTX GLOBAL VECTORS spot light aeras compatibility (ORBX required)

* ORBX FTX Global + Vectors compatibility

Have some good flights captains !
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